Super Mind Power

Super mind power

Super mind power or brain power has always been an interest of mine. The biggest influence on me, when it comes to super mind power and using your mind, was the Rosicrucians. They were the first I found that told me what I wanted or needed to know. They also had a course of study that could really increase your mind power and allow you to use your brain in different ways.

What is super mind power? Is it related to the size of your brain and should therefore be called brain power or is it something else? Science has disproven the old saw that we only use 10% of our brains. Studies using MRI and other things show we use a lot more than 10%. However does that mean that we also use more than 10% of our mind power? Are mind power and brain power interchangeable terms? Personally I don’t believe they are the same thing.

If you look at brain power like you would the horsepower of your car and mind power as the speed it makes it very easy to see there is a big difference between brain and mind power just as there is a big difference between horsepower and speed. I don’t believe we are at a place where we can measure super mind power accurately. Sure we can see how much of our brain we are using but the brain is tangible and the mind is intangible.

For the most part all human brains are very close to the same size but the power of the mind in those brains is all over the place. Mind power bears little relation to the size of the brain. If the size of the brain meant a lot we would all have approximately the same mind power but we all know that’s not the case. Brains that are the same size can be seriously mentally challenged or absolutely super genius. You can increase your mind power and the following will help you learn how to have super mind power.

I finally found something that’s much quicker than what the Rosicrucians teach. It doesn’t take years to learn, you can improve your brain or your mind so it appears you have super mind power. Of course, compared to your friends who haven’t read this or don’t know anything about increasing mind power, you will appear to be the luckiest or smartest person in the world.

I learned quite a few things when I was reading the PDF’s from their site. These PDF’s are free and I found some of the latest research to be quite informative. They’ve also proved a couple of things I knew should work and that I’ve used.

Here’s a question for you. Can you influence a slot machine with your super mind power. I’ve always thought you could and they have some research that proves it. Lol, luck was the first PDF I read as I always want to be luckier. Funny that I never did any affirmations for luck. I’m definitely going to start.

Of course I am lucky when it comes to parking places. I truly and deeply believe I will always have a great parking place and I always do. The reason why your mind can do that is also explained in the Luck.pdf.

After you read a couple of his PDFs on the mind you’ll be well on your way to having super mind power. Turns out super brain power isn’t all that hard to come by. I wish I could give you all of the PDFs I read, but, I can’t. I can give you one I found to be very informative.

I recommend you read it. It’s about dreams, how to use them, how to control them and how to change your life by programming your dreams. At the end of it there are a few links to different things. I recommend you click on the link and sign up to the rest of the free e-course. When you do you’ll get some free things that are really worthwhile for building super mind power. At least I thought enough of them to tell you about them.

Be sure you get the Alpha Mind Control mp3 as it’s excellent. I’ve been using it for a week now and I can tell a difference in a few areas so I’d say it works. I’m going to buy the full version if it continues to work or I can see progress for another week. One thing I know for sure is you can never have enough mind power. This makes it easy to get the super brain power you’ve always wanted.

Imagine how it will feel to be smarter and luckier than all of your friends. You know, the ones that tease you because they think you’re a bit slow. Imagine having enough super mind power to blow them out of the water.